A Split Second Decision – was it the right one?

I know the winding road into Bath very well as my daughter and her family live in Bath and we often take the A36 past Limpley Stoke and onto Bath. I have often wondered whether a car could crash through the trees and descend the steep slope beyond and, if it did, how long it would take for the emergency services to be called.

In A Split Second Decision in When Reason Dreams, Alastair was probably over the limit, but the accident was not his fault because of the badly parked van. Having crashed down the slope off the A36 he comes to a realises that Melanie’s chances of survival were slim. Alastair then took the split second decision, which he regretted for the rest of his life, not to call for help. He did not ‘murder’ Melanie who was probably beyond saving, but he did put his career above any chance of her survival. The memory of Melanie haunts him destroying his life and career.

I notice that stronger safety barriers have recently been installed along the A36 into Bath. Hopefully Alastair and Melanie’s tragic accident will never be repeated.


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