Official Launch of When Reason Dreams

I was delighted that so many people attended my book launch at the Butterfly House at Sherborne Castle’s Garden Centre on 1st February.

Jenny Newman asked several questions about how I had written these ghost stories and what had inspired me. She then posed the difficult but important question as to whether I believed in ghosts myself. I discussed the role of the supernatural in almost every world religion then went on to speculate about the existence of ghosts. I said that it was a very brave person who completely denied the existence of ghosts. A lively discussion followed with the audience participating, sharing their views and experiences of the supernatural. The existence of ghosts cannot be proved scientifically but nor can it be denied. The audience enjoyed a lively and somewhat unusual book launch and went away with much to think about.

Many thanks to Mike and Louise Burks for hosting the event and to Denis Borrow, former BBC cameraman, for taking some excellent photographs. Thanks too to Wayne Winstone and his team from Winstone’s bookshop in Sherborne for hosting the book stall for people to buy and also for additional photography.