Just a note to thank you so much for your presentation yesterday evening, without doubt I found it the best in depth and original evening entertainment for years. What interesting people, our lives in comparison appear to be missing something, seems that I should have pursued the life of an Artist. You must have had great fun in putting all the content together, and I must congratulate you on both your verbal projection and image choice and sequence.

One of the best lectures I have attended at the Art Society. The lecturer knew his subject very well and presented his lecture confidently and with enthusiasm. Very enjoyable and also very interesting.

Probably my favourite lecture of this year's programme. I knew very little about Modigliani but this would make me want to search out originals when they were on show to get a real life idea of his technique. Very enjoyable—- really brought the subject to life.

A note to say thank you for inviting us to Julian’s lecture this evening.   Both my husband and I really enjoyed it, such a joy to see so many beautiful paintings and to have the details of how the painters have dealt with capturing the subtleties of snow in different lights highlighted.  Before we have just enjoyed the paintings for their own beauty.  

What an astonishing talk you gave us last night! I cannot be more grateful. It was so unusual and obviously attracted the highest numbers of members .So congratulations on presenting such an unusual double feature which I am sure will go down in our Society’s records!!!! We are already receiving masses of lovely comments.

I would rate this as one of the best five lectures I have heard at Nadfas in two decades or more? I learned a lot! I don't think I have ever seen so many slides in one lecture.! Thank you for the chance to see it.

I thoroughly enjoyed your talk - you still have the edge as far as art history talks go. They are thoroughly researched and entertainingly delivered and your images are always of the first quality.  Nobody else that we have come across comes close to you.

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable talk. I learned so much about tonal painting 
which will help me to think and appreciate paintings in the future.

It was superb and I enjoyed it so much I watched it three times.